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Are We There Yet?: A Musical Journey Around the Globe

Explore World Music with a Summer Camp — in person or via on-line lessons!

Keys to Imagination is proud to publish Dr. Deborah Brener’s Are We There Yet?: A Musical Journey Around the Globe, an interdisciplinary program that teaches students about world music, instruments, culture, and geography though colorful interactive slides, videos, text, photos, music, crafts, games and puzzles.  Designed to be used on any computer, tablet or smart board, or even by sharing your screen for on-line instruction, this curriculum is easy to navigate and completely done for you!   Customize your instruction by choosing the activities that fit your needs.  

Includes Africa, Australia, Thailand, South Korea, United States, and Canada.

Students Learn:

  • 18 native folk songs (3 per country).  Piano students can practice these songs in the Piano Maestro app!
  • Create an impressive multimedia performance by adding the acompaniment slide show DVD, showcasing photos from the curriculum.
  • Geography, people, places and characteristics of each country’s music.
  • Make your own instruments from household items such as wrapping paper tubes and shoe boxes.
All music and accompaniments are included. No experience in world music necessary.

Coordinate reading and writing assignments to correlate with the country you are currently studying to expand the program even more!   Consider connecting with a group or class from that country and become “pen pals or SKYPE pals” to create more cross-culture communication and understanding.

For more information, visit our website at Keys to Imagination-Are We There Yet?

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