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Tech Tip

By keystoimagin | Sep 4, 2016

by Michelle Galindo As we head back to school, it’s the perfect time to perk up your curriculum with some fun apps, websites or music games. But how do you do that when some students have iPads, and some don’t? Many of the apps now link student logins so the…

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Triple Threat sharps and flats

By keystoimagin | Aug 13, 2016

The Triple Threat games come in many different editions.  The first one to be produced was the Key signature game.   In this edition, players learn to recognize Major Key signatures and their relative minors while having “triple” the fun.   An example of the matches in the Triple Threat- sharp…

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Triple Threat

By keystoimagin | Aug 13, 2016

Triple Threat is a unique twist to a domino game, using music terms and symbols.  As the name implies, there are always three things that make a match; a music term or symbol, its name, and its definition.  Exact symbols or names do not match each other.  For example: F,…

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Are We There Yet?: A Musical Journey Around the Globe

By keystoimagin | Aug 11, 2016

A NEW WORLD MUSIC AND CULTURE CURRICULUM JUST RIGHT FOR YOU!   Keys to Imagination is proud to introduce classroom teachers to Are We There Yet?: A Musical Journey Around the Globe, an interdisciplinary program that teaches students about world music, instruments, culture, and geography though colorful interactive slides, videos,…

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