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Composer Spotlight: Wynn-Anne Rossi

Chapters of Creativity with Wynn-Anne Rossi

Creative life is full of surprising twists and turns.  It is driven by life experiences, bursts of inspiration, and plenty of mistakes.  While sharing her own compositions, Wynn-Anne Rossi will take us on a journey through the chapters of her life as a composer.  Listen to the story of her first publication, then learn about her latest obsession for international dance styles. Discover new music for your studio while learning core secrets for a vibrant creative life.

Friday, September 18, 2020

10 a.m. Central Time / Please adjust for your time zone.

Wynn-Anne Rossi is a renowned composer with vibrant educational outreach  Best known for her numerous piano publications, her writing repertoire also includes works for vocal groups, concert band, and orchestra.  Wynn-Anne has a passion for international styles ranging from Latin and American jazz to Baltic dance music.  She also specializes in teaching composition to all ages, all levels.  Her video series, Wednesdays with Wynn-Anne, is now available for use at home and in the studio.  Visit