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Getting More from Your Games – Space Place

by Sally Ritchie

Although I use games year round in lessons, summer is a great time to do more with games.  Using the games you already have, you can expand them into new games for additional activities.

When starting to teach those students that struggle to recognize steps, skips, and repeated notes, I ask the student(s) to help me make sure we have all of the cards for the Space Place Primer game.  Taking the entire deck of the Space Place Primer cards, I ask the students to sort the cards into a pile of repeated notes on lines, repeated notes on spaces, steps, skips on lines, and skips on spaces. In this way, they learn to distinguish the movement on the staff making the game play much easier.  

Interval Uno Anyone?

For students learning intervals (2nds through octaves), use the Space Place Level 1 or 2 game card deck.  Deal five card to each player, placing the remaining cards in a pile face down.  The top card is flipped over.  If the face up card is a 2nd, the next player must play the next larger interval (i.e. a 3rd).  The following player then has to play a harmonic or melodic 4th, etc. until they reach the largest interval in that level.   After a 5th is played, in level 1, or an octave in level 2, the play reverts back to a 2nd.

If a player does not have the correct interval, he can draw a card or ask one of the other players for the needed interval.  If he gets the required interval, he can play it and it becomes the next player’s turn.  Note: When drawing, a player draws until he gets the interval he needs.  The discard pile is shuffled when the drawing pile is gone and becomes the new drawing pile.

The winner is the player that uses all of his cards first.


Space Place

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