How to Motivate Students all Year

How do you motivate students all year? It can sometimes feel like a juggling act with the natural ebb & flow of student interest.  Having a year-long theme is an effective way to keep students motivated.

Using a Year-Long Theme

A year-long theme provides a focus in your planning.  Rather than aimlessly going through the year, a theme makes your planning hyper-focused.

We all love a story or journey of discovery.  A studio theme gives a story & journey to your students’ experience.  It motivates students all year, even when there is an ebb in energy or interest.

While you plan each week & month, a year-long theme takes your research from the entire internet (which is rather intimidating) to a specific set of activities that will take your students on a journey.  Planning becomes much shorter with a specific focus!

4 tips to motivate your students

When using a year-long theme, there are 4 tips that will motivate students all year.

Fun & Effective

If a studio is all fun, but no play (pun intended), students rarely make progress.  All efficiency & no play makes for dull lessons.

When students have music goals they know the why.  Why they are practicing.  Why they are putting in effort each week.

When we add fun activities that help our students reach those goals, lessons become fun & effective.

Solid Instructional Design

Much like going through each year with no goals, ignoring best teaching practices puts your studio at a disadvantage.

Parents want to know why their tuition is worth it.  They are willing to pay for expertise but need to see it in action.

Having a solid instructional design that spans the entire year gives focus & clarity to you, your students & their parents.  It gives the why for each activity.

Make it Educational

This ties in with the point above.  While instructional design gives the why, making it educational covers the what.

Know what you are going to teach.  Student needs to learn various concepts each year.  And, those concepts & skills build on each other.

Cover a wide variety of concepts, like music history, theory, active listening & more.  Students will see that playing an instrument is more than just creating notes.  It’s about a whole world of experiences!

Teacher & Parent Approved

We want to motivate students all year through fun & effective activities.  This is what ensures they are eager to come back for lessons.

But, we can’t forget their parents.  Parents are typically the ones paying for lessons.  And, that means part of motivating students is making sure parents see results.

When both you, as the teacher, & parents see increased motivation & results, students stay enrolled.  They want to stay in lessons … & their parents are happy to keep them there!

Looking for motivational programs?

Keys to Imagination has several motivational programs that are sure to be a hit in your studio.  Whether you want to stay in the city, take a road trip, visit the museum or even visit space, there is a program for your studio.

To find out more about Keys to Imagination’s motivational programs, click here.  You’ll even be able to read how they have motivated real students & teachers!

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