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Practice and Complete Goals

In Where in the World is Mr. Arpeggio? students are transforming into music super heroes to find international villain solving the mystery in Sebastian Sharp and the Case of the Missing Manuscript, going on a Road Trip in Road Trip: America the Beautiful, embarking on a safari in A Walk on the Wild Side or taking a trip to space in Music is Out of This World!

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What People are Saying About Our Motivation & Incentive Programs

“Hailey can’t stop talking about “A Walk on the Wild Side” game.  It seems our whole family has heard about it, as well as Hailey’s friends at school.  The game has REALLY motivated her to practice more frequently.  Each week before her piano lesson, she tries to figure out if she’ll be hitting any milestones so she can earn a prize.  She absolutely loves this game and my husband and I are super excited that you have incorporated it into your studio program.”  Sonya, parent in Southern California

“Michelle, your creative talents have made my life so much easier and the studio so much more exciting.  Keep up the good work!” Katherine H., teacher in Nebraska

“Parents are talking about this game at the local girl scout meetings and at school drop off and pick ups.  It actually has brought me a new student recently, because students are so excited by it”.  D. Rosen, teacher in Southern California

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