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2-8 Players

One on One or in Groups

Whirligig games are effective one on one in private lessons or in a group setting and can often be played in as little as five minute.

Target One Theory Concept at a Time

Each game targets a specific theory skill, allowing focus on one concept.

Speed is Never a Strategy to Winning

Games are designed so slower students can win against faster students or the teacher.


All games are engineered and tested to be effective.  They are made from quality materials that will likely never need replacing.

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What People are Saying about Whirligig® Games

Note Wordy 1

This is a great investment–two games in one! So many options for play and interaction with the teacher and one student or more. Students learn their notes and word spelling but also about how to strategize on marker placement to get the most points! This game taps into the higher levels of learning (as illustrated in Bloom’s Taxonomy). I even asked for the next two levels from Santa!! A “must-have” for any teacher looking to create fun and excitement in teaching!

Space Place Primer

This is the MOST REQUESTED game in my studio at the moment. With over 25 games at my disposal, that is really saying something! This game has helped tremendously with note reading and the relationships between notes. They will refer to them by the terms on the game board (skips on lines, repeat in spaces, etc.) I am so excited to use the next level with my advancing students. I even played it with older kids–they love the brightly colored game cards with the bonus facts. I am so excited to use the higher levels–I asked for the next two levels from Santa 🙂

Legato Lake

A brilliant way to reinforce those “must know” concepts. The students get a chance to articulate their knowledge by reading the cards. They love the brightly colored fish and the see-through markers. Definitely worth it–very versatile to be used with teacher and one or more students. My students are excited about the next level!

Triple Threat Flats

This is a great way to assess the retention of knowledge of flat keys and their Major and minor key signatures. I highly recommend this game that can be played with student and teacher or several students with the teacher. The sturdy construction and clever design of this classic Domino game makes it an investment of epic proportion without a heavy price tag. The instructions are easy to follow and this game moves along at a rapid pace for lots of fun in little time! This game comes in its own box for easy storage.

Triple Threat Tiles 1 and 2

A new twist on the classic Dominos game, this one really gets them thinking about their terms and symbols three ways. Lots of fun with multiple level students or one-on-one with the teacher. The tiles are sturdy and well manufactured. A worthwhile investment for those who LOVE GAMES!!

Triple Threat Sharps

Get those students knowing their keys inside and out, Major and minor with this fun, fast-paced game. Great for teacher and student or with several students. I love having overlapping schedules so that we can “borrow” five minutes of two lesson times. The satisfaction of seeing the students KNOW THEIR STUFF makes this a great addition to any studio!