MusicEdConnect 2021: Part 1

MusicEdConnect 2021 connect is in its 8th year & is one of the original virtual music education conferences!  It’s like hanging out with friends that know all sorts of interesting facts & ideas for a few days.  At a time of the year when motivation can run low, this is a hit of creativity & positivity that drives our studio enthusiasm for the rest of the academic year.  This is part 1 of 3 in our 2021 sneak peek series!

Motivating Musicians

Dr. Pamela Pike gave a fantastic, timely session on how to motivate students.    Successfully motivating students is a combination of motivational theories (expectancy-value theory, self-efficacy, flow theory, attribution theory, & mastery motivational patterns).  Pam had so many examples of how we can build up & motivate our students through each of these theories!

Mental Practice

Anna Beth Rucker shared how this tool isn’t just for athletes, but also musicians as well.  But, there isn’t a lot of information on what this looks like for musicians.  Thankfully Anna Beth did the hard work of finding this research & breaking down what this looks like for us as teachers!  It was interesting to see that several things teachers typically do during lessons as practice techniques are examples of mental practice.

Stoking the Flames

Dr. Thomas Lanners shared another wonderful session on how to help students develop emotional engagement.  As musicians, we need to play with “socially unacceptable emotional extremes” to express beyond words.  As teachers, it’s our job to help students become comfortable with this emotional vulnerability to become great musicians.  Thomas shared practical ways to guide students through this part of their musical journey.  MusicEdConnect 2021 is the 8th consecutive year Thomas has presented & we are so excited to have had him back again!

Seeds of Imagination

Wynn-Anne Rossi had an amazing interactive session on composing & improvising!  One of her main ideas was that 2-minute improv is more than enough time to develop the seeds of imagination that our students already have.  Not only did she share many ideas to use with beginner through intermediate students, but how she uses non-traditional notation to take away the fear of creating.  Rather than a theoretical exercise, improvisation & composing becomes about what is actually created!

Now That We Have Been Forced to Use Technology, What’s Next?

George Litterst, an expert in music technology, started with how our abrupt arrival into online teaching has changed our teaching.  But, what do we do when things go back to “normal”?  He showed how Timewarp technology (which has appeared in many of our studios in the last year) can bridge the gap & augment both online teaching & in-person learning!  MusicEdConnect 2021 has been fortunate to have George as our tech expert & long-time presenter.

Where To Learn More …

MusicEdConnect has a fantastic, supportive community at the live sessions!  However, we understand that not everyone can take 3 days off from teaching & life.

This is why we offer both a “Full Access Pass” & a “Replay Pass” which gives different levels of access!  The “Full Access Pass” gives access to attending live sessions, plus recordings of those sessions & on-demand sessions.  The “Replay Pass” gives access to the recordings of both the live sessions & on-demand sessions.  And, access for both is available until the end of the year!  To continue your learning, purchase the pass that works best for you here.

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