MusicEdConnect 2021: Part 2

The MusicEdConnect conference is one of the original online music education conferences!  Each day we have had fun learning together & sharing ideas.  This is part 2 of 3 in our 2021 sneak peek series!

If you have missed part 1, click here.

Re-Writing the Myths of Women Composers

We were challenged to rethink how well we know women composers & the myths that have kept so many amazing female composers’ works hidden.  This joint session by Lynn Worcester Jones, Penny Lazarus, Sally Ritchie, and Sue Ruby not only busted these myths but also where to get access to these works.  With many teachers working to include more repertoire by female classical composers, this information was very welcome.

How to Cover “Everything” Each Lesson

Rosemarie Penner shared how our idea of “everything” may not be completely accurate & often leads to stress during lesson time.  With a look at a few teaching ideas that expert teachers all embody, she shared how to flow through lessons in a way that encourages students to take ownership of their learning, guide learning in a way that is natural for each student & keeps the lesson fun.

Technique Meets Artistry

Our MusicEdConference conference wouldn’t be the same without George Litterst & Stella Sick.  This session was a beautiful overview of truly artistic etudes for the piano.  This session was as much an auditory delight as it was educational.  We enjoyed listening to samples of a wide variety of etudes from a diverse range of musicians throughout the 19th Century to now!  Plus, the handout gave enough musical ideas to last any teacher quite a while.

Jamming with Anyone

Lynnette Barney & Valerie Merrell shared how to create multi-level & multi-age ensembles in your studio.  This fun session was an overview of the many, many ways to include ensemble in lessons for beginners straight through to intermediate students.  For teachers that want to add these once in a while or take the plunge & do ensemble with groups all the time, Lynnette & Valerie shared great ideas for each situation.

Where To Learn More …

The MusicEdConnect conference has a fantastic, supportive community at the live sessions!  However, we understand that not everyone can take 3 days off from teaching & life.

This is why we offer both a “Full Access Pass” & a “Replay Pass” which gives different levels of access!  The “Full Access Pass” gives access to attending live sessions, plus recordings of those sessions & on-demand sessions.  The “Replay Pass” gives access to the recordings of both the live sessions & on-demand sessions.  And, access for both is available until the end of the year!  To continue your learning, purchase the pass that works best for you here.

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