Staff Post-it Notes (4 pack)


Sticky Staff Post-its are destined to become indispensable for student and teacher.  They are impossible to ignore when stuck to music or assignment sheets!  Teachers can quickly create removable chord patterns, scales, fingering, technic, dictations or warm-up exercises for students right on the page.

These handy Post-It Note Pads contain 50 sheets each measuring 3 ½ X 2 inches.  The space between each staff line is 1/8 inch.  3M Post-It Brand.


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If students do the writing, they learn even more.  These little notes are not nearly so intimidating or wasteful as those large, mostly-empty sheets of staff paper.  In fact, these Sticky Staff Post-It Brand Notes can be cut in half for even smaller reminders.


As I assign a new piece, I have the student write out the key signature and scale to be posted on the music as part of their practice assignment.  We can  transfer their written sticky note each week onto their new assignment sheet until they can play the scale fluently and really know the key signature.  This reading and writing reinforcement is very helpful and easy.

These are great for harmonization—students can review chords by writing, reading, and playing  them.

What a great idea for short dictations!

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