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Are We There Yet? A Musical Journey Around the Globe: Thailand


World music expert, Dr. Deborah Brener, has written an easy to use, comprehensive introduction to the music, culture, instruments, and geography of six countries. Are We There Yet? A Musical Journey Around the Globe© is a unique multimedia program with integrated activities to keep students engaged.

Perfect as a summer camp, technology lab session during lessons or classroom activity, this curriculum is completely done for you and updated in 2020!  Customize classes by choosing slides and activities to fit YOUR schedule for up to 4 hours per country.  Includes:

  • Interactive PowerPoint file (download).  PowerPoint (Mac or Windows) on a computer is required. (Because of the nature of this unique program, this file will not work properly if opened in Keynote.)
  • Reproducible Passport (PDF Download of Thailand Pages)
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Accompaniment Video

Thailand Highlights:

Thailand Map, Flag, National Anthem, Monsoon Season, Loy Krathong, Rii Rii Khao Saan, Industry, Tourism, Grand Palace, Floating Markets, Street Vendors, Chieng Mai, Flower Crops, Blind Musicians, Taphon, Piphat, Royal Court Music, Khon.


Klai Khao Pai Ik Nid, Pleeng Chaang, Loy Krathong

Reproducible piano music with accompaniments for piano students is available as a separate download.


This program teaches world music, culture, people, places, geography and music.


Slides include text, photos, videos, music, instrument crafts, games and puzzles.

Easy to Use

Simply open and follow along!  Written by an expert, this program is completely done for you.


Learn 3 native folk songs per country (reproducible vocal, color-coded Boomwhackers, rhythm.) Complete your ensemble with accompaniments.

Piano Maestro


Students learn characteristics of each county’s music and why it is important to their culture.

National Anthem

Hear the National Anthem for each country.

Passport Activities

Additional writing activities & puzzles help keep students engaged and can be used as assessments.


in the Piano Maestro app.  (Piano Maestro subscription required.)

Using this Program:

  • This PowerPoint is interactive and therefore the file is set to read-only to avoid accidental changes. A password is not required to view. When you open the PowerPoint presentation and it asks for a password to make changes, please select READ ONLY to view the slides.  Slides must be in presentation mode to view links.
  • All videos are in SafeShare. To view videos in this program, please log into your SafeShare account.  You can create a free account if you do not already have one.


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