Deluxe Magnetic Staff/Keyboard Board

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This Magnetic Board Kit shows both the keyboard and grand staff on one side and blank staves and ledger lines on the reverse side. The deluxe version adds the Fit-A-Rhythm Magnetic Insert and 40 magnetic tiles printed with different rhythms align to blank measures.

Movable magnets are used as tools for learning music notation, inversions, and theoretical concepts. A dry-erase pen is useful for adding rests, note stems, vocabulary words, etc. (not included)

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A hands-on approach to help students visualize the abstract concept of rhythm. The tile sizes are proportionate to the rhythmic value. Beginners can learn simple rhythmic patterns, and advanced students can explore more intricate patterns.

The Deluxe Kit option includes:

  • Fit-A-Rhythm Magnetic Insert
  • 40 magnetic tiles printed with different rhythms align to blank measures
  • 2 blank tiles to make your own rhythms
  • One metal board with sturdy plastic frame (red or green)
  • 10 black magnetic notes
  • 8 red magnetic notes (for sharps)
  • 8 blue magnetic notes (for flats)

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 1 in

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