Halloween Favorites Book 2


by Lori Frazer

These orchestrated backgrounds, with built in registration changes are designed to enhance the performance of supplementary music on a CVP series Clavinova. Just download the file, and put it on a flash drive. Load the file from the Song select area on your CVP Clavinova and press play. After the introduction is complete, play the song as written. The Clavinova will automatically change the sounds/registrations at the appropriate time.  Enjoy!


Clavinova Festival Performance Tutorials

These midi files can be used on any CVP Clavinova but were recorded on a CVP709, so some of the voices may not transfer as recorded.  Many of the recorded orchestrations will also automatically change the Clavinova voices as the student performs. In addition, I have also included a mp3 for these orchestrations, so students and teachers who don’t have CVP Clavinovas can use them for rehearsal as well. As mp3 files are recorded at performance tempo and include the first measure of the piano part to help students hear where to start playing. I would suggest putting these mp3 files into iTunes, then opening them in the free app Chord Tracker, where the tempo can be slowed down for rehearsal.  – Lori Frazer


Jumpin’ Pumpkins

By Sharon Aaronson

Play as written after the 1 measure introduction. The Clavinova will automatically change sounds for you.


Little Black Cat

By Martha Mier

Play as written after the 4 measure introduction.

In measure 16, hold the fermata for 8 counts. In measure 26, hold the fermata for 4 beats, pause 1 beat and come back in.

The Clavinova will automatically change sounds for you.

Enjoy the spooky sounds!


The Three-Legged Witch!

By Dennis Alexander

Play as written after the 4 measure introduction that is in 4/4 time.

In measure 21, hold the fermata rest for 4 counts, pause for 1 more beat then start.

The Clavinova will automatically change sounds for you.



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