Legato Lake 1 and 2 Classroom Edition


Introduce, review and reinforce music terms and symbols resulting in a better understanding and awareness of them in their music. Be the first to catch all the fish (Legato Lake) or cover all of your guitar picks (Don’t Fret) by covering all the music symbols on your game board and win the game!



30 Printed Game Boards for Level 1 and Level 2


4 Sets of Calling Cards in PowerPoint/Google Slides (Download):

  • Level 1 Calling Cards with Symbols
  • Level 1 Calling Cards with Definitions Only
  • Level 2 Calling Cards with Symbols
  • Level 2 Calling Cards with Definitions Only

Legato Lake Level 1 Concepts: Notes – Whole, Dotted Half, Half, Quarter, Ascending and Descending Notes on staff, Musical Alphabet Ascending and Descending, LH and RH, Piano, Forte, Mezzo Forte, White Key Names, Space Note, Line Note, Treble Clef, Bass Clef, Middle C – Treble Clef, Middle C – Bass Clef, Landmark Notes, Bass F, Treble G, Steps, Skips in Spaces, Skips on Lines, Repeated Notes, Tie, Staff, Repeat Sign, Double Bar, Quarter Rest

Legato Lake Level 2 Concepts: Accent, Staccato, Legato, Sharp, Flat, Natural, Eighth Not and Rest, Quarter Rest, Half Rest, Whole Rest, Fermata, Octave Sign, Tie, Slur, Crescendo, Diminuendo, Time Signatures, Andante, Moderato, Allegro, Ritardando, A Tempo, D.C. al Fine, Fine

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