Legato Lake (Classroom/30 Players)


Please note: This particular version does not correlate with the Online Access calling cards.

Reinforcing the language of music with brightly colored music theory fish!

  • Parents and teachers can introduce and review (drill) music terms and symbols. It is not necessary for parents to understand music to easily play this game with their children.
  • Game is available in four different levels, ranging from pre-staff reading through late elementary.
  • After playing Legato Lake, students can become more aware of the music terms and symbols in their pieces. This results in a better understanding of what is required for a more accurate performance.
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How Do I Play?

  1. Choose a “lake” (game board).
  2. The card deck is shuffled and placed face down.
  3. Winks are made available to all players.
  4. Turn over the top playing card.
  5. The teacher reads the name of the symbol.
  6. The student(s) each check their own “lake” to see if they have the symbol, and to cover it with a wink if they do.
  7. Win by being the first to “catch all the fish in your lake” (by covering all of the music symbols on your game board).

Classroom/Group Edition (2 – 30 players)
This edition includes a large card deck for classroom use. The back of each card has an image of the term or symbol that is pictured on the card face. The instructor is able to see what term or symbol is being shown without turning the card to face him/her. 

Game package includes 30 one-sided game boards, large size card deck, tempo spinner, winks, instructions

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 3 in


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