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MY OWN MUSIC HISTORY is the basis of an organized concept of Western music history from 1600 to the present.  The Student Packet consists of six charts and accompanying composer seals and labels to be completed and color-coded by musical period. Optionally, students then begin to document their own repertoire through the years, using the color coding, repertoire sheets, composer biography sheets, and references available in the Teacher Version. The Teacher Version is downloadable, completely reproducible, and includes thirty pages comprising a teacher guide, full color completed versions of all the student charts, optional supplementary references, and student worksheets. MY OWN MUSIC HISTORY materials are suitable for ages 8-adult for individual, home school, or group or camp use.

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MY OWN MUSIC HISTORY is based on four pedagogical principles:

1. Provide a brief historical overview within which to organize details of history.

2. Engage students with music history through hands-on activities to complete six individual and personally relevant charts.

3. Associate a color with each period for visual clues to characteristics of the period (i.e. Baroque=gold/ornamentation, royalty, nobility, the high church;  Classical=blue/more refined and restrained; Romantic=red/passion, strong emotion; 20th Century=green/color of growth and combination of earlier developments)

4. Follow up as desired by having students classify their own repertoire, learn about composers, and keep a record of their performances through the years.

Unique Features:

Color coding, structured historical framework, minimal lesson time, maximal student engagement.

What is included with Teacher Start-up Materials (PDF Download)?

30 pages of full color, reproducible materials, including:

  • Teaching Suggestions, Teacher Key for all materials 
  • Music History with a Keyboard Slant (Reference Sheet) 
  • Letter to the Student (motivation) 
  • Letter to Parent (explanation of the project)
  • Milestones of Music Color Timeline
  • Timeline of Composers Color Chart
  • 4 Color Detail Charts for Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th Century (completed)
  • Italian for Musicians Reference Sheet
  • Music History Crossword Puzzle & Key

For a detailed list of contents, please see the Table of Contents graphic.

Student Packet (Printed) Includes:

  • Six unfinished charts and accompanying labels and stickers. Includes blank labels for composers not already pre-printed.
  • Milestones of Music History and Labels
  • Timeline of Composers (ready for color-coding)
  • Baroque Period Detail Chart with composer names and life dates stickers
  • Classical Period Detail Chart with composer names and life date stickers
  • Romantic Period Detail Chart with composer names and life dates stickers
  • 20th Century Period Detail Chart with composer names and life dates stickers
  • 1 sheet of 30 color-coded Composer Stickers

Students add color coding and stickers to the timelines in order to have an introduction to Western music history while creating an ongoing record of their own repertoire and performances. The included stickers are a set of 30 composer portraits, plus date and event stickers to be placed in the proper time periods on the detail charts. As they build the repertoire from each period, students can add repertoire sheets to their personal MY OWN MUSIC HISTORY. Individual composer biographical information can also be added if desired.

  • Hands-on appeal to many learning styles and ages
  • Students can work independently after an initial presentation
  • Ideal materials  to adapt for group lessons, camps, music appreciation classes
  • Ongoing relevance as tangible evidence of growing repertoire and knowledge
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