My Own Music History Teacher Kit

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MY OWN MUSIC HISTORY is the basis of an organized concept of Western music history from 1600 to the present.  The Student Packet consists of six charts and accompanying composer seals and labels to be completed and color-coded by musical period. Optionally, students then begin to document their own repertoire through the years, using the color coding, repertoire sheets, composer biography sheets, and references available in the Teacher Version. The Teacher Version is downloadable, completely reproducible, and includes thirty pages comprising a teacher guide, full color completed versions of all the student charts, optional supplementary references, and student worksheets. MY OWN MUSIC HISTORY materials are suitable for ages 8-adult for individual, home school, or group or camp use.

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What is included with Teacher Start-up Materials (PDF Download)?

30 pages of full color, reproducible materials, including:

  • Teaching Suggestions, Teacher Key for all materials 
  • Music History with a Keyboard Slant (Reference Sheet) 
  • Letter to the Student (motivation) 
  • Letter to Parent (explanation of the project)
  • Milestones of Music Color Timeline
  • Timeline of Composers Color Chart
  • 4 Color Detail Charts for Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th Century (completed)
  • Italian for Musicians Reference Sheet
  • Music History Crossword Puzzle & Key

For a detailed list of contents, please see the Table of Contents graphic.

1 review for My Own Music History Teacher Kit

  1. Sally Ritchie

    What an amazing program to bring an understanding of music composers and music history to our students. My Own Music History is a well thought out and comprehensive approach to teaching about composers as well as a music timeline relating it to other events happening during those times. Students begin to have a chronological understanding of eras and composers. By creating their own history book, it means more to them and makes more of an impression than if they just read the information in a book. They can also track the pieces they have learned and when they were performed. My students have enjoyed watching the book take shape and love having a place to go back to see what they have done.

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