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Nate’s Piano Plates

Nates Piano Plates
Nates Piano Plates

Nate’s Piano Plates


Here’s an innovative new tool for learning to play piano scales! Nate was nine years old when he came up with the idea for Nate’s Plates, which he demonstrates in the 2 minute 30 second video below.  Nate’s Piano Plates can be used by students as soon as they can recognize written numbers and know their piano finger numbers.  This is because Nate’s Plates reduce the teaching of 48 scale fingering variations in both left and right hands to just 12 durable guide cards showing scales in finger grouping families! These instructional plates require no music-reading knowledge, but can be a boon to students who need practice with the physical sensation of scale playing.

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Product Description

An Ohio piano student Nathaniel, age nine, was struggling to learn the correct fingering for all 24 major and minor scales when he realized that many scales could be fingered in “families”.  His discovery was the idea for this set of 12 durable templates to help uncertain fingers master scale playing.

Each plate slides directly behind the piano keys on a standard keyboard and arrows point to the correct finger and key to be played.  The left-most arrow on the card is simply centered over a piano key of any of the scale signatures marked on that plate, and students are on their way to secure tactile scales in multiple octaves.

The sample plate shown above instructs the correct fingering sequence for LEFT hand for all of the key signatures labeled on the card.  By changing the starting key, the same card works for all the scales shown on that card. In this case, the card is placed for A-flat Major.  To learn the other scales with the same fingering patterns, simply recenter the left-most arrow above one of the other keys for the signatures labeled.

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