Rhythm Riot 1 – Up to 30 Players/Classroom


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Students learn to perform rhythms with ease and independence while having fun!

  • Players are exposed to many different combinations of notes and rests.
  • Participants have fun working on rhythms whether it involves using rhythm instruments or merely clapping.
  • Incorporating the tempo spinner and metronome (not included in the game) helps students gain an understanding of the effect that tempo has on the speed of the notes.
  • Play of the game can be varied to control length and to enable work on additional rhythm skills.
  • Students can become more independent with rhythms, and gain a better understanding of the concept of tempo.
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2-30 players

How Do I Play?

  1. Spin the tempo spinner.
  2. Set your metronome (not included) to the indicated speed.
  3. Turn over the top playing card.
  4. Perform the indicated rhythm with drums, maracas, other rhythm instruments, or by clapping.
  5. If you have that rhythm displayed on your game board, cover it up with a wink.
  6. Win by getting a riot, which is a row, column, or diagonal row of covered rhythms.

Level 1 Classroom/Group Edition (2 – 30 players)
This edition includes a large card deck for classroom use. The back of each card has an image of the rhythm that is pictured on the card face. The instructor is able to see what rhythm is being shown without turning the card to face him/her. Quarter, half, dotted half, whole notes, and their corresponding rests are combined in many different patterns to form measures that the students must perform. The tempo spinner includes Andante, Moderato, and Allegro.

Game package includes 30 one-sided game boards, large size card deck, tempo spinner, winks, instructions

Playing Suggestions

  • When playing this game with students who are struggling with rhythm, it may be best to play without the metronome and spinner. It can be added when the student is more comfortable with performing the rhythms.
  • With a group of students, some can be asked to perform the rhythm on the card while others are designated to “keep the beat” by performing quarter notes when doing rhythms in quarter time.
  • The rhythm can be performed by a student or teacher, and the other players need to figure out the rhythm in order to check their card for a match.
  • Organize your own drum circle using the Rhythm Riot cards!


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