The Right Notes Assignment Book



by Anna and Adam Bendorf with Contributing Editors Dr. Claire Wachter and Dr. Dean Kramer

Assignments written in this gorgeous and educational book will capture the eyes and the attention of piano students.  Each page includes:

  • An anecdotal story and illustration about a composer or musical term
  • Plenty of blank space for assignments
  • A keyboard picture border that enables pencil work to identify keys of a key signature, triad tones, etc
  • A daily practice record

In addition being visually appealing, this book allows music teachers to introduce music history facts and culture to young students in small topics in the context of their music lessons.  This kind of information enables life-long musical enjoyment.

Please note:  The Right Notes Assignment books ship directly from the author and will incur a separate shipping charge.

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40 pages    9″ X 12 ”    Coil Bound with Sturdy Covers   Full Color


The 40 topics are in chronological order and include harpsichord, pipe organ, organ pedals, orchestra, conductor, music history timelines, Johann Sebastian Bach, Domenico Scarlatti, George Frederick Handel, sonata, symphony,  Franz Liszt, Solo Recital, concert pianist, waltz, Felix Mendelssohn, Robert Schumann, Clara Wieck Schumann, Johannes Brahms, Edward Grieg, Edward MacDowell, Scott Joplin, Bela Bartok, Sergei Prokofiev, Dmitri Kabalevsky, Claude Debussy, Ravel’s “Bolero”.




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