Theory Strips Level 10 Answers


Save Class Time! Answer Keys provide the correct answers to their corresponding Theory Strips for grading and accuracy.

Parents and students can also correct Theory Strips using these Answer Keys.

Created by Bonnie Slaughter, NCTM
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Concepts in Level 10

Grand Staff 

Modulation: Identify chords, write roman numerals and figured bass for each chord.  Major I V7 I vi6 to ii6  I6/4  V7 I

Circle of 5ths

Write Key signatures


Draw intervals using all major, minor, diminished, augmented or perfect intervals


Draw all major and minor modes, pentatonic, jazz and whole tone scale on staff

Name and draw modes

Write quality of triads in the major and minor scales

Scale degree names

Identify notes by degree


Write roman numerals and figured bass for each chord on the staff

Draw the 6 types of 7th chords in root position

Identify & write cadences with roman numerals


Write triads on scales


Identify chord progressions written in SATB from the staff (authentic, plagal, half and deceptive cadences

Identify types of cadences and chord progression with roman numerals


Identify the time signature for any given rhythm

Write in counting

Add one note or rest to complete measure

Meter – Simple, Duple, Compound

Terms – all also covered in analysis

“a,” accidental, accent, alberti bass, alla breve, allargando, con, assai, con brio, augmentation, con fuoco, brillante, crescendo, cantabile, double flat, compositional Form AA  AB ABA, Enharmonic, compositional texture, fermata, ietto, counterpoint, imitation, diminution, inverted mordent, double sharp, ma, enharmonic, meno, expressivo, mordent, fugue, morendo, 

motif, intermezzo, natural, non, piu, ostinato, repetition, scherzo, segno, sempre, semplice, sforzando, senza, sequence, sostenuto, symbols, spiritoso, turn, tempered scale, vivo


Two part invention

Sonata Allegro Form


Music periods and unique features: includes Renaissance & Impressionistic

Composers: Bach – tempered scale


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