Functions First! Tonic and Dominant in Major Keys


A 36-page reproducible digital download PDF designed to plug into any curriculum. Teachers are permitted to reproduce pages in print or digital format for their own students.

Unique characteristics

  • Letter names replace chord terminology and Roman numerals – use with students at any level!
  • Symbols represent pushpin magnets and guide students’ tactile and physical activities in the videos and worksheets.
  • Website videos and additional teacher resources available to all at



created by Jacquelyn Karash

To show where this PDF download fits in, here is a quick overview of steps for the William Tell Overture excerpt:

Day 1 – watch a website video that guides students to sync with the music, and actually “feel” tension for V7 with magnetic or gravitational pulls, and “feel” the release of tension for I chords.

Day 2 – fill in the PDF worksheet to identify the E-G#-B letter group that Rossini used for the stable/home parts and the B-D#-F#-A group he used for areas of tension. Review the video to tie together the letters and tension-release “feelings”.

Day 3 – Write the root names on the worksheet and find each root anywhere on the piano to play in time with the video – every beat, every measure or using new rhythm patterns.

Add remaining chord tones other days to build a strong foundation for future chord concepts!


*magnets not included in purchase (sources listed on the website)


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