Triple Threat Tiles – Flats Edition


Triple Threat Tiles
Learn key signatures with this domino style game with a twist!

Learn to recognize Major and minor key signatures while having “triple” the fun!

  • There are always three potential options to make a match.
  • Matching the exact same things together does not make a legal move.
  • The matches for Triple Threat Key Signature Tiles are a key signature, its Major name and its minor name.
  • Limited Edition.  Only a certain number of sets were produced and once they are gone, they may not be back in stock again.  Be sure to order yours now!  These are very popular!  
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2-4 Players

How Do I Play this Key Signature Game?

  1. Tiles are spread out on table so that the key signature information is not visible.
  2. Each player chooses 4 tiles.
  3. One additional tile is turned over to start the game.
  4. The first player must match either end of the first tile.
  5. A match consists of… a key signature and its corresponding Major or minor name OR a key signature and its corresponding signature in the other clef OR Major and its relative minor.
  6. Player two makes the second match.
  7. Win by being the first to use all your tiles.

What is Included?

Game package includes 36 key signature tiles and instructions.

Key Signatures Flats Edition (2-4 players)
Students learn to recognize Major flat key signatures and their relative minors. The three matches for this game are the flat key signature, its Major name, and the relative minor name. For example, one flat would match either F Major or D minor. In like manner, F Major and D minor match each other.

Playing Suggestion
The two games can be used together for the combined sharps and flats game. When combined, the games can be expanded to include parallel and enharmonic keys.

The Whirligig logo symbol tiles and the keys of C Major and A minor are all available in both sets of games. This makes it possible for those tiles to be used as the adjoining tiles that facilitate the combination set.

“This is a great way to assess the retention of knowledge of flat keys and their Major and minor key signatures. I highly recommend this game that can be played with student and teacher or several students with the teacher. The sturdy construction and clever design of this classic Domino game makes it an investment of epic proportion without a heavy price tag. The instructions are easy to follow and this game moves along at a rapid pace for lots of fun in little time! This game comes in its own box for easy storage.”

Additional information

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 7 × 2.5 in


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