How Do Teachers Inspire Students?

How Do Teachers Inspire Their Students?

So many of us got into teaching because we want to help & inspire others.  But, how can teachers inspire their students?  How do WE inspire our students?  We start with ourselves.

Which teachers inspire their students

A long time ago, I realized a big part of what I love about teaching is learning.  There is a reason why my first years in the classroom covered almost every single grade & subject.  Learning something new, while exhausting at times, brings me joy & inspires me to become better.

As much as I love teaching, I want to inspire my students to make their own discoveries.  To become just as excited about music as I am.

And to do that, I have to start with myself.

Think back on the teachers you have had.  Whether they were from school, instrument lessons, coaches or key people in your life, think about why that person stands out to you.

Starting with ourselves

There are times when creative ideas or inspiration may be a little longer in coming.  Or, they are buried under a mountain of blog updates in your inbox.  The idea of starting with yourself can be overwhelming.  I’ve been there!

In my life, my kids’ lives, & my student’s lives, I have seen over & over what inspires.  There is one thing that ties all these people together regardless of time or place.  The teachers inspired their students to see the subject through their eyes!

When teachers are excited about what they teach, it’s hard to resist.  

Even if a student isn’t a huge fan of their instrument or a song, the right teacher can transfer that excitement.  “Why is my teacher so excited?  I have to find out!”

What sets apart teachers that inspire & those who just teach?  The teachers who inspire have created systems to continually be inspired themselves.  They understand that no one can have unlimited creative ideas or approaches.  It’s impossible to continually give without recharging yourself.

Create systems

I have systems in place to continually be inspired, both daily & throughout the year.  It takes a combination of small bits of inspiration & big moments to keep my enthusiasm high all year.  And, it’s something that my students & their parents recognize & comment on.

The best way for teachers to inspire their students is to BE inspired.

Another way to think of “systems” is habits.  What small habits can you incorporate into your day that keep you inspired?  It doesn’t have to be anything major.  Even a few minutes can make a world of difference!  Motivating students with small ideas lead to big ideas over the course of the year.

Making time for “big moments”

One of the “big moments” my students, their parents & I look forward to is the MusicEdConnect conference each year.  I get excited about geeking out with other music educators.  My students & their parents get excited because they KNOW that Ms. Rosemarie is coming back inspired & ready to share.  An excited teacher is hard to resist.  And, to be honest, they don’t really want to resist anyway.

While it can seem that there isn’t time to add conferences throughout the year, how can we not?  These moments inspire, teach & show us what is possible.  Isn’t that what we are trying to do with our students?  Be teachers who inspire their students?

While I can’t be with you on a daily basis, it would be great to geek out with you at the MusicEdConnect conference!  Will I see you there?

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