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Tech Tip

by Michelle Galindo

As we head back to school, it’s the perfect time to perk up your curriculum with some fun apps, websites or music games. But how do you do that when some students have iPads, and some don’t? Many of the apps now link student logins so the student sees the same content regardless of whether they are logging in using the app or the website. For example, Tonic Tutor has both a web-based version and an iOS version. After you do the one-time setup, the student progress shows identically on either the app or the website. You can even set up multiple students on the app so that as a teacher you can easily switch between students using your iPad during their lesson and then send them home to complete the assignment either on an iPad if they have one, or the website if they prefer to do the homework that way.

Likewise, and the Tenuto app are linked together. A homework exercise can be assigned on the web and completed via the app. In fact, when a student enters a customized URL or QR code to get to a pre-defined exercise, they are automatically taken to the app if it is installed on their device or to the website otherwise. Many other websites can also be accessed from an iPad using the Puffin Browser Pro or from a computer, allowing the student to move seamlessly from the teacher’s studio to the home regardless of whether an iPad is available or not. For more ideas of how to use apps and websites in your lessons, check out the Double Click Curriculum workbooks which have the topics already correlated for popular lesson books.

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