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Triple Threat sharps and flats

The Triple Threat games come in many different editions.  The first one to be produced was the Key signature game.


In this edition, players learn to recognize Major Key signatures and their relative minors while having “triple” the fun.   An example of the matches in the Triple Threat- sharp key signature edition would be; G Major, one sharp, and E minor.    They can match in any combination with the exception of exact same symbols.   Students must identify each key signature many times to play the game so their ability and speed increase dramatically by playing the game even one time!

Triple Threat Key Signature Edition is available in either a sharps set or in a flats set.  They can be combined to play with both sharps and flats together.  Whirligig logo symbols and the keys of C Major and A minor are the adjoining tiles that facilitate the combination set.  You can then include parallel as well as relative keys.

There are many ways to vary this game to include the aural aspects.  Following posts will address those.

To see more information and watch how the game is played click on this link: Triple Threat Tiles – Sharps Edition

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