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Triple Threat

Triple Threat is a unique twist to a domino game, using music terms and symbols.  As the name implies, there are always three things that make a match; a music term or symbol, its name, and its definition.  Exact symbols or names do not match each other.  For example: F, Forte, and loud can match in any combination.  When you use this game, students have to learn what each symbol means, not just play a matching game.

It can be used with any age student at either individual private lessons or in a small group.  You can get it out during any lesson for a quick treat that is very worthwhile!

The game can be played in as little as five minutes and since it is available in four different levels, you can target exactly the area that you need.  Your students will love this game and you will find that it is a great tool to both introduce new music terms and review those that you have already taught.

The following images show the terms and symbols in each level.

Terms and Symbols TT12-1

Terms and Symbols TT12

Triple Threat Terms and Symbols 3400

Triple Threat Terms and Symbols 3401
For game instructions and a video showing the play of the game click on this link:  Triple Threat instructions


To purchase the tile holders shown in the video go to:  Tile holders

Tile Holder

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