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What the New Normal Will Look Like for Music Studios

The new normal.  Many music studios are wondering how to navigate this change. Find out how to support students, adapt your studio & keep emotional & mental health strong in your studio!

Empowering Students

It starts with their parents.

As parents, we often don’t realize we unconsciously project our own stresses onto our children.  This has been the case for many of us as we have gotten used to this new normal.

As studio owners & teachers, we need to support the whole family as they adjust.

Educate parents

Parents have a lot on their plates.  It is understandable remembering why they signed up for music lessons in the first place gets forgotten sometimes.  Especially if practice time becomes stressful.

When a parent pushes back about music lessons, remind them of their original reason.  Remind them there is an ebb & flow to their child’s progress & interest.  But, when you work together you can bring joy into practice time again.

Click HERE to find out Bonnie Slaughter’s incredible lists on:

  • 10 Reasons You Child Should Take Piano Lessons
  • Top 10 Reasons Kids Don’t Practice

(Clicking the link gives you replay access to our “Adapting to the New Norm” webinar.)

Part of the new normal will be giving parents tips for helping their children practice.  While this has always been an important part of student success, we can now create digital resources that are personalized for our students right in their lesson!  Making use of these digital tools makes it easier for parents to easily support their children.  And, it gives students an opportunity to be independent during the week!

Adapting Your Studio

We live in a time of opportunities!

While this new normal has had its challenges, it has also given studios tools we may not have considered before.  And, it has given our students & their families a chance to try a new approach to music learning.

One of the biggest things I have heard from clients (both current, former & potential) is a deep desire for music lessons to be about community.

Our new normal is about making strong communities, both in-person & online.  We all want to connect with others & feel we are making the world a better place.  A great way to do this in your studio is through community outreach activities!

Get creative in your marketing!  Keep in contact with former students.  Make sure your website is up-to-date with what you are doing in your studio.  Focus on retaining your students through fun, unexpected activities that keep them (& their parents) wanting to stay.  FOMO is real!

To find out specific marketing & business tips, listen to Davis Dorrough’s amazing strategies in our “Adapting to the New Norm” webinar.

Focus on Emotional & Mental Health

In order to help others, we need to first take care of ourselves.  We hear this, but as “givers” it can be hard to make this happen in practice.

This will look different for each person & at each stage of life.

When my kids were younger, yoga looked similar to a playground with toddlers crawling over & under me.  Now, I’m all about short, focused workouts in the morning.  Playing the piano used to be a morning activity before the day got busy.  Right now, improvising & composing before bed has worked out great.  Walks with my husband & sometimes our kids have given us a chance to reconnect while getting fresh air.  Other days, it’s been a relief to close my eyes & put on my noise-cancelling headphones with calming ocean sounds while family life continues around me.

This new normal is just another stage in your life.  Yes, things will change.  But, you choose those changes.

Student & Parent Health

Both your students & their parents will need support as they adjust to the new normal.

Instead of focusing on what “needs” to happen in a lesson, take your cue from your students & parents.  If they need support, give it.  If you need to throw a lesson out the window, do it (metaphorically speaking of course).

Find out specific strategies for supporting emotional & mental health with my session in the “Adapting to the New Norm” webinar.

The New Normal

The biggest thing to remember about this new normal is … you have the opportunity to become better.

A better teacher.

A better studio.

Focus on the positives.  And, remember that as a community of educators we have come together online like never before.  You are not alone in figuring out this new normal.

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