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Let us come to you!  Bring our experts to your meeting or conference with one of our live or virtual workshop sessions!  Choose from various topics such as technology, games, off the bench activities, or unique teaching aids for effective & efficient teachers.  (See session ideas below or contact us for a custom session.)

How Does This Work?

We will present session to your group live or via the Internet, generally 60-minutes.

If we are doing a virtual visit session, prior to your workshop, we will send a box of corresponding materials (handouts, games, books or materials) so your group can experience the workshop hands-on.  We will even send a prize for one of your attendees!

What Does it Cost?

Workshop fees vary.  Please contact us for details.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Virtual Visits require reliable Internet access, a computer or tablet, TV or projector & screen

Contact us for more information or to schedule your session!

Session Topics:

iPad iDeas: Teaching Music with Apps

Discover how to easily incorporate your iPad into your teaching. Learn how teachers are creatively using mobile apps to engage their students to learn theory, compose music, play games, learn online, record and provide feedback, teach in groups, teach music history and practice. Make your teaching more fun and effective!

Google Can Do All of That?

Learn how to use Google Drive (free) to create interactive PDFs, drag and drop worksheets, clickable choice boards, escape rooms, auto-corrected worksheets, registration forms and more!

When you think of innovative uses of technology, Google Drive may not be the first thing that leaps to mind, however, Sheets, Slides, and Forms are powerful tools that can be used to create interactive PDFs, drag and drop worksheets, clickable choice boards, escape rooms, auto-corrected worksheets, registration forms and more!  Go beyond the basics to add excitement to lessons and save time on administrative tasks.

  1. Slides: Interactive PDFs and Drag and Drop Worksheets
  2. Slides: Clickable Choice Boards and Escape Rooms
  3. Slides: Flipped Classroom Assignments
  4. Forms: Registration for events, recitals, or registration (show spreadsheet from registration),
  5. Forms: Auto corrected and graded worksheets, including pre-and post-activity assessments, and how to provide feedback, including video feedback, for incorrect answers so students learn from their mistakes.
  6. Sheets:  View and manage forms data all in one place or create a new sheet for assignments or tracking music 

Putting the Teacher Back in Teaching with Technology

There are many ways teachers can use a tablet that allow us to still be actively involved while using technology. Michelle will show you unique ideas for playing games, creating digital ensembles and more to engage students one on one or in groups. Bring your iPad or Android tablet to play along!

Collaborative Performance Is for Everyone

Music is especially fun when learned and performed in a group! Join this interactive session and experience ways to combine pianos and other devices to create exciting and varied ensembles for students at all levels. 

Exciting and Novel Ways for Students to Engage Their Audience

Let’s face it.  Recitals can be boring.  It is true the audience was applauding but that was to keep themselves awake.  Capture your audience and turn your recitals into a spectacular show with easy student or teacher-created multimedia, imagery, digital backdrops, green-screen effects, and audience participation.

Time is Money:  How do you Spend Yours?

Do you ever find yourself depleted from all of the busy work it takes to run a successful studio?  Is your free time consumed with work? Join this innovative session that will share some effective strategies to save both time and money. This session offers a fresh perspective to rethink our studio business models with concrete solutions to implement NOW without purchasing outside services, apps or materials.  Let us help you find more time!

Inspire, Innovate, Invigorate, Invent!

In this session, Michelle will show you unique and exciting ways to introduce, reinforce, and advance theory concepts and skills in private lessons, group lessons or as a themed camp.  Ideas will include off the bench games and activities that can be used inside and outside.  This is an interactive session and participation in activities is encouraged.

CSI: Creating Successful Instruction

Using 3 basic principles (behavioral, cognitive and social-cognitive), teachers will interactively solve the mystery of why certain teaching tools and apps are more effective than others and uncover strategies based on science to improve the effectiveness using technology with students.   This session is definitely an audience participation session where teachers will literally be movin’ and groovin’ and sharing ideas with others!

Use Any Device to Engage and Interact with Students 

Technology is a part of our everyday lives and everyday lessons.  Making effective use of technology can help enhance lessons and propel students to the next level of learning both in lessons and at home during the week. Teachers will learn how effectively use their device in lessons to organize apps and websites, set device restrictions and keep students on-task, set app presents, and use QR codes to efficiently and quickly assign custom lessons, choose apps and websites to meet lesson goals and suggestions and view results of assignments.

The Dog Ate My Homework-Look behind the excuses!

Teachers often comment that students come to lessons unprepared.  While we often assume it was students’ lack of motivation or time, practice may have been too difficult because a student wasn’t comfortable with concepts in their lesson such as note names, intervals, or rhythm. Look beyond excuses and discover the real reason students come to lessons unprepared.  Learn on and off the bench strategies to address the issues that prevent students from reaching their goals.

Techniques include on and off the bench activities targeting specific concepts designed for private and group lessons, that will make home practice easier and more effective.  Teachers will actively participate in these activities.

Are We There Yet? A Musical Journey Around the Globe®

Music teachers have an opportunity to share awareness and appreciation of other cultures with their students. World music expert, Dr. Deborah Brener, has written a comprehensive introduction to the music, culture, instruments, and geography of six countries using multimedia and integrated activities to keep students engaged.  Discover how easy it is to incorporate world music into your classroom with this program completely done for you.

Authentic music videos, hands on activities, ethnic instruments, and arts and crafts will be presented.  Teachers will participate using Boomwhackers, rhythm instruments, and more to perform native folk songs of the world along with accompaniment tracks and videos.

Got Tech Devices!  Now What?

Do you have access to tablets or Chromebooks and aren’t sure how to use them in the music classroom?  Keys to Imagination’s web-based music games allow you to play on ANY tech device with 30+ students interactively as a class involving all students simultaneously! There is nothing to download or install.  Teacher calling cards are displayed using a Smartboard or projector and students access game boards on their devices.  Games include five levels of music terms and symbols, six levels of rhythm, and customized note reading at any level.  Teachers will participate in the gameplay.  

Exciting and Interactive Curriculum from Keys to Imagination

From interacting with one smartboard to one-to-one devices, discover exciting and interactive world music curriculum and music games from Keys to Imagination, completely done for you!  Come and experience the programs. 

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