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Upcoming Music Teacher Webinars

September 18, 2020

Creative life is full of surprising twists and turns. It is driven by life experiences, bursts of inspiration, and plenty of mistakes. While sharing her own compositions, Wynn-Anne will take us on a journey through the chapters of her life as a composer. Listen to the story of her first publication, then learn about her latest obsession for international dance styles. Discover new music for your studio while learning core secrets for a vibrant creative life.

Archived Music Teacher Webinars

Join the experts in a round table discussion to address the issues we are all facing during these unprecedented times. Discover ideas for creating interest and excitement with your instruction as well as sound business advice. Interact with the panel, ask questions, and share your expertise during this webinar.

Join the creators of some amazing teaching tools, Bradley Sowash, Jacqueline Karash and Laura Swenson for ideas of how to use teaching tools in person or online!

There never seems to be enough lesson time for “everything”.  As a result, music history often seems too vast or boring to tackle. Music history is not the same for each student.  We can use their interests to make it more interesting.  We can use short parts of lesson time.  And it’s easy to teach online.  Join Karen Koch as she shares her ideas for making music history a favorite topic in your studio!

Map Your Music Theory Free Webinar

Join Michelle Sisler to learn how to easily and effectively use music technology activities that motivate students and enhance music theory instruction. Map your apps and websites to your music theory assignments for lab time, flipped lessons, and home practice to make teaching theory with technology effective and efficient.

It's a Game Changer Free Webinar

Do you love your Whirligig theory games but would like new ideas for using them?  Are you new to our theory games and want to find out why teachers love them so much?  Join Sally Ritchie as she shares how you can effectively teach theory beginning to advanced theory concepts through games.

Surviving the Music Lesson Roller Coaster Free Webinar

Now more than ever, life is like a Roller Coaster. How do we help our students navigate the ups and downs, emotions, stress, and change that surrounds them? How can we use music to help them learn not only their instrument but also the life skills they need now and in the future? “Music heals the soul.” Join Bonnie Slaughter for strategies and tools to help your students excel at their instrument and life!

Are you looking for some games you can play with your students interactively online as well as in person?  Join us for The Great Games Webinar and play rhythm, note reading and terms/symbols games INTERACTIVELY with us and other attendees in REAL TIME online.  This program is web-based and will work on any device.

Are you looking for some ideas to make online lessons more fun and engaging?  Join Eik Mar of SproutBeat and Michelle Sisler of Keys to Imagination for this webinar full of tech and non-tech tips you can use in lessons today.

Explore World Music Free Webinar

Join us to explore Are We There Yet? A Musical Journey Around the Globe®. This multimedia, interdisciplinary program teaches students world music, instruments, culture, and geography through colorful slides, photos, videos, music, crafts and puzzles. This program can easily be used for online lessons!

Myths, Magic and Mysteries of Women Composers

Join us in this panel discussion to explore the myths, magic and mysteries of women composers! This session series will explore the remarkable lives of these fabulous composers, discuss effective and inspiring teaching and performance repertoire by women and present a variety of studio projects, recital programs, games and ideas for you and your students, at all levels.

We are excited for Laura to share some great tips for using her E-Z Notes Teaching Tools that can be used online or in person.

Secrets for Amazing Online Lessons

Do you want students that are excited for each online lesson? Are you wondering how to seamlessly move from off-the-bench to on-the-bench? Join Rosemarie Penner as she shares the secrets that bring new life into your online lessons & get your students (& you) off the bench!