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Hands-on activities, including music games and motivation programs, provide a practical and interactive way for students to learn and reinforce their music skills.

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Students Learn Better When They are Engaged

Keys to Imagination LLC was started 20 years ago by private piano teacher, Michelle Sisler.  She was teaching 50 students a week and her studio was always full with a waiting list.  Michelle’s students couldn’t wait to come to lessons to play a new game or motivation program she had designed. They were engaged, motivated to learn, practice and master skills.

She quickly became recognized for her quality products for private and classroom music teachers, customer service, and presentations. Now, she has an incredible team of authors who share the same passion.

Innovative Solutions

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Key Signature Game Triple Threat Tiles


Games are an effective use of lesson time one on one or in groups. Keys to Imagination’s music theory games each focus on a unique theory skill are designed to improve note reading, rhythm, intervals, scales, key signatures, chords and more!

Motivation Programs

Motivate students and encourage practice all year with our unique, giant games that hang on the studio wall.

Teaching Tools and Camps

Hands-on teaching tools, ready to use camps and studio class activities and lab curriculum all done for you created by teachers for teachers.


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Chord Game Lead Sheet Lab

New Game!

Elevate your students’ proficiency in building chords and interpreting chord symbols with Lead Sheet Lab! 

Your scientists will learn chord construction elements, formulas & chord symbols. This comprehensive game takes learners through four levels of chord mastery allowing them to easily interpret lead sheets and chord charts.

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