Music Chord Game: Lead Sheet Lab


NEW game by game expert Sally Ritchie!

Lead Sheet Lab is your solution to learning to build chords and interpret chord symbols.

Your scientists will learn chord construction elements, formulas & chord symbols. This comprehensive game takes learners through four levels of chord mastery allowing them to easily interpret lead sheets and chord charts. Using a designated formula, students will explore the fundamentals of chord construction on both the musical staff and keyboards using a dry-erase marker, then take turns acquiring the cards necessary to build the chords on their game board.


Lead Sheet Lab includes 4 levels in one package!

Level 1 – Major chords
Level 2 – Major, minor, and V7 chords
Level 3 – Dominant 7th, M6, m6, sus2, sus4, and slash (C/G) chords
Level 4 – M7 & m7, M6, m6, Sus2, sus4, Aug and dim chords

Whether or not you have formal training in chord theory, you can easily engage in this game with your students as all necessary information and formulas are conveniently provided within the game itself. Teachers will also appreciate how quick and easy the game is to learn and play.

Enhance your teaching experience with Lead Sheet Lab!

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