Space Place


2-4 Players  

Looking for faster interval recognition? Check out Space Place Interval Game!

  • Students determine intervals by placement on the staff, not by note names, since there are no clef signs.
  • Intervals appear in both melodic and harmonic form.


How Do I Play?

Each player chooses a “solar system” (game board) and a rocket playing piece.  Players advance through the solar system by collecting intervals marked on each planet.  The object is to be the first player to the Space Place.  If you are short on time, the winner is the player who advances the farthest in the allotted time.



What’s Included?

Game package includes 4 game boards, card deck, rocket playing pieces, instructions.

The Primer Level is designed as a pre-interval game. Students become familiar with the placement of notes on the staff and their movement by steps, skips, or repeated notes.  

Level 1 and 2
Level 1 includes intervals ranging from 2nds through 5ths. Level 2 includes intervals ranging from 2nds through 8th’s (octaves). The second level incorporates many intervals using ledger lines.

Game package includes 4 2-sided game boards (Level 1 on one side, Level 2 on the other, Level 2 card deck, Level 2 card deck, rocket playing pieces, instructions.


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