Interval Game: Space Place

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Improve interval recognition with this music interval game. Perfect for private or group lessons with up to four players, play this music theory game in as little as ten minutes, or modify it to fit the lesson time available.


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  • Primer Level presents steps, skips, and repeated notes.
  • Students learn harmonic and melodic 2nds through 5ths in level 1 and level 2 adds 2nds through octaves.
  • This game set includes four game boards, cards, rockets, and instructions.

Players identify and collect multiple interval cards to pilot their rockets through the solar system. There are no clef signs on the cards to encourage students to focus only on distance.  Speed is never a strategy for winning, allowing slower and faster students to compete equally.

Teachers will appreciate how quick and easy the game is to learn. Use valuable lesson time playing this music theory game instead of learning instructions.

Your students will become more proficient at interval recognition after playing this interval game just once!

Thank you so much for these teaching tools. They have made learning fun and I appreciate you both so much. – Linda Sharp

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Interval Game: Space Place

  1. Karen Koch

    This game focuses totally on intervallic recognition, which requires attention to the note head, whether intervals appear as harmonic, melodic, quarter notes, or half notes. These different appearances of intervals often confound students who struggle with interval reading, but playing this game quickly helps to resolve that issue. Other pluses are the flexibility of individual vs group use, of adaptability of the card deck to use as flash cards, and the fact that there is no idle waiting time for students between turns, since they are constantly reviewing the cards in their hand as well as responding to the plays of other players. The extra component of the solar system rocket adds fun and even a bit of science education. I recently used Space Place Primer game during a private Zoom lesson by selecting a game board and placing a rocket on the sun with sticky-tack. I showed this to the student on camera, and told him that he could advance to the next planet as soon as he could identify just one card with the correct interval. Then I proceeded to hold up cards in quick succession for him to identify, and as soon as he found the correct interval, I moved the game piece to the next planet and we proceeded to several planets. Lesson time ended, and my student said, “Can we finish our trip at my next lesson?” Music to a teacher’s ears!

  2. Michelle P

    A fun way to become more familiar with intervals as part of piano lesson.

  3. Cher Marks

    My kids love this game! When we first started playing my children’s ages ranged from 6 to 12 and they really enjoyed Space Place to learn intervals very easily! Would recommend for any age!

  4. Sue Ruby

    Excellent reinforcement of intervallic reading. Provides instant “old-school-style” rewards for learning. I’ve used this in private lessons, partner lessons and even larger group classes and summer camps.

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