NoteWordy 2


Discover our most popular level of NoteWordy!  Students learn grand staff notes from Bass G through the G above the treble staff by collecting cards to spell words.  Play this music game in as little as five minutes and watch students master note identification!

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  • Students learn the entire grand staff notes in level 2, Bass G  through the G above the treble staff
  • This game set includes four double-sided game boards, playing cards with bass and treble staff, plastic bingo markers, and instructions.

Players collect bass and treble cleff staff cards to spell the word on their game boards. Since speed is never a strategy for winning the game, slower students can compete equally with faster students.

Add variety to the game by playing the included CrossWordy ™ game. In this alternate music note game, everyone plays together on one game board to earn the most points by completing words.

Teachers will appreciate how quick and easy the game is to learn. Use valuable lesson time playing this music note-reading to work on note identification in a fun way!  Families will enjoy playing this game at home as well to reinforce and become more proficient in reading notes on the staff.

Music students will become more proficient at note-reading after playing this note-reading game just once!

Thank you so much for these teaching tools. They have made learning fun, and I appreciate you both so much. – Linda Sharp

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