Harmonic Hike Scales Game

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Students practice their scales and chords by using playing cards with enharmonic spellings to build major and minor pentascales, scales, modes, intervals, and chords. in this music theory game.  4 levels are included in this game for 2-4 players.

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Each game includes:

  • game boards, cards
  • winks
  • instructions

Teachers will appreciate how quick and easy the game is to learn. Use valuable lesson time playing this music theory game instead of learning instructions.

Thank you so much for these teaching tools. They have made learning fun and I appreciate you both so much. – Linda S.

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Harmonic Hike Scales Game

  1. Sue Ruby

    A game to teach or reinforce major and minor pentascales through major and minor octave scales. OR students can work on learning chords, three note and four note (dominant sevenths!) all in one compact product! Perhaps one of the more amazing features is you could theoretically (no pun intended!) have four student working on four different concepts all at the same time while playing the game! Simple concept that challenges beginners through your more advanced students while still maintaining that magical game element of the “luck of the draw” to enable victory! Instant hit for your next group class.

  2. Karen Koch

    Harmonic Hike is many games in one–well worth the price for teachers who teach music theory at many levels. I like the fact that students of different levels can play at the same time by using a game board suitable for their level. It works as a quiet waiting room game too. Versatile and effective.

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