Triple Threat Tiles: Terms and Symbols

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Elementary through intermediate music students will learn to recognize and define music terms and symbols in this fast-paced music theory game.  Triple Threat Tiles™, a music domino-style game with a twist, is excellent for individual or group lessons for 2-4 players.



Unlike a regular domino game, there are always three ways to make a match:

Two of the following in any combination make a match:

  • Music term
  • Corresponding symbol
  • Definition

Exact symbols, terms, or definitions do not match.  For example, pair a flat symbol with the word “flat” or “half-step lower” instead of another flat symbol.

Triple Threat Tiles™ are available at four levels.  

Level 1:  Whole note, Dotted Half Note, Half Note, Quarter Note, Forte, Piano, Musical Alphabet

Level 2: Slur, Sharp, Flat, Accent, Mezzo Piano, Mezzo Forte, Forte, Piano, Accent, Staccato

Level 3: Fermata, Ritardando, Andante, Allegro, Moderato, Crescendo, Diminuendo

Level 4: Coda, Sforzando, Tenuto, Da Capo, Marcato, Dal Segno, Fine

While Levels 1 and 2 / 3 and 4 are sold together, each level must be played separately.

Set includes 42 high-quality acrylic tiles (21 for each level) and instructions.

Teachers and students alike will enjoy having a highly effective game for teaching music terms and symbols that is quick to play and triple the fun.


A new twist on the classic Dominos game, Triple Threat Tiles really gets them thinking about their terms and symbols in three ways. Lots of fun with multiple-level students or one-on-one with the teacher. The tiles are sturdy and well-manufactured. A worthwhile investment for those who LOVE GAMES!! – Teacher, CA

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1 review for Triple Threat Tiles: Terms and Symbols

  1. Davis Dorrough

    I’ve been using these tiles for several weeks with my students, and they’ve been a big hit! The thing I love about this game is that it helps students learn the term, symbol, and meaning for each concept! Most of my students can get at least two out of three of those things, but this game requires them to think about all three! The materials are also very durable, so I should be able to use this game in my studio for a lot of years.

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