Legato Lake & Symbol Shark Bundle


Legato Lake™ and Symbol Shark are perfect ways to introduce and review music terms and music symbols, pre-reading through intermediate. Great for individual or group lessons with 2-8 players, play this music theory game in as little as five minutes.  Be the first to catch all of the fish or sharks in your lake to win the game!


Primer A teaches pre-reading beginning piano concepts.  Each additional level retains some of the previous and adds advancing terms and symbols.  Primer B adds landmark notes.

Level 1 includes note reading in the Middle C position, and level 2 progresses through late elementary and early intermediate music terms and symbols.

Symbol Shark Symbols 3D Game Chord, Coda, Common Time, Cut Time, Eighth Time, Crescendo, Diminuendo/Decrescendo, D.C., D.S., Eighth Note Triplet, Fermata, Grace Note, Key Signature, 8va, 15ma, Sforzando, Sixteenth Note, Sixteenth Rest, Swing Rhythm, Tenuto, Trill.

Treasure Trove Terms: Accelerando, Alberti Bass, Chord Inversion, Contrary Motion, Parallel Motion, Enharmonic, Harmonic Interval, Improvise, Lead Sheet, Loco, Major Scale, Minor Scale, Melodic Interval, Molto, Ostinato, Phrase, Poco, Relative Keys, Simile, Subito, Syncopation, Transpose, Waltz Pattern

Teachers will appreciate how quick and easy this music terms and music symbols game is to learn and play.

Each Legato Lake game package includes

  • eight double-sided game boards
  • two card decks
  • plastic bingo markers
  • instructions
  • Symbol Shark also includes 3D Glasses.

Symbol Shark game package includes

    • eight double-sided game boards
    • two card decks
    • plastic bingo markers
    • instructions
    • 3D Glasses.

“A brilliant way to reinforce those “must know” concepts. The students get a chance to articulate their knowledge by reading the cards. They love the brightly colored fish and the see-through markers. Definitely worth it–very versatile to be used with the teacher and one or more students. My students are excited about the next level!”  Linda R. Teacher


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