Legato Lake 1-2


2-8 Players

Reinforce the language of music with brightly colored music theory fish!

  • Parents and teachers can introduce and review music terms and symbols.
  • Legato Lake is available in four different levels, ranging from pre-staff reading through late elementary.
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How Do I Play?

  1. The teacher reads the name of the symbol from the calling card.  
  2. The student(s) each check their own “lake” (game board) to see if they have the symbol, and to cover it with a wink if they do.
  3. Win by being the first to “catch all the fish in your lake” (by covering all of the music symbols on your game board).

What is Included?

Game package includes 8 game boards (one level is on one side and the second level is on the other), card decks, winks, instructions.

“A brilliant way to reinforce those “must know” concepts. The students get a chance to articulate their knowledge by reading the cards. They love the brightly colored fish and the see-through markers. Definitely worth it–very versatile to be used with the teacher and one or more students. My students are excited about the next level!” ¬†Linda R. Teacher

Additional information

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × .75 in


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