Scales and Key Signatures Game Bundle


This scales and games bundle will help students practice their scales with Harmonic Hike and key signatures with Triple Threat Tiles Key Signatures games.


Triple Threat Tiles™, a domino-style game with a twist, is great for individual or group lessons with up to four players.

Unlike a regular domino game, there are always three ways to make a match:

  1. The picture of a key signature can match its major name
  2. The picture of a key signature can match its minor name
  3. Major name can match its relative minor name

For example, a tile with a picture of one sharp would match a tile with the words G Major or E minor. Similarly, G Major and E minor will match each other.

Play each set alone or combine the two sets for sharps and flats in one game.  Combining the sets also allows for the addition of parallel and enharmonic keys if desired.

Each game includes 36 tiles and instructions.

Harmonic Hike delivers results and is the perfect companion to any method.  This scale and chord game is great for individual or group lessons with up to four players.

Students complete an expedition using playing cards with enharmonic spellings to build major and minor pentascales, scales, modes, intervals, and chords.  Unique to this game, students each compete at one of four levels based on his or her individual knowledge while playing together as a group.

Each game includes game boards, cards, winks, optional spinner, and instructions.

Teachers will appreciate how quick and easy the game is to learn. Use valuable lesson time playing this music theory game instead of learning instructions.

Thank you so much for these teaching tools. They have made learning fun and I appreciate you both so much. – Linda Sharp

“Get those students to know their keys inside and out, Major and minor with this fun, fast-paced game. Great for teacher and student or with several students. I love having overlapping schedules so we can “borrow” five minutes of two lesson times. The satisfaction of seeing the students KNOW THEIR STUFF makes this a great addition to any studio!”


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