Triple Threat Tiles – Terms and Symbols 3-4


Play Triple Threat Tiles™ & unlock a new level of music knowledge! 🤩 Match terms, symbols & definitions – up to 4 players – from elementary to intermediate!

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Unlike a regular domino game, there are always three ways to make a match:

Two of the following in any combination make a match:

  • Music term
  • Corresponding symbol
  • Definition

Exact symbols, terms, or definitions do not match.  For example, pair a flat symbol with the word “flat” or “half-step lower” instead of another flat symbol.

Triple Threat Tiles™ are available at four levels.  

Level 3: Fermata, Ritardando, Andante, Allegro, Moderato, Crescendo, Diminuendo

Level 4: Coda, Sforzando, Tenuto, Da Capo, Marcato, Dal Segno, Fine

While Levels 3 and 4 are sold together, each level must be played separately.

Set includes 42 high-quality tiles (21 for each level) and instructions.

Teachers will enjoy having a highly effective game for teaching music terms and symbols that is quick to play and triple the fun.


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