Space Place Primer

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Improve beginning staff patterns with  music interval game. Perfect for private or group lessons, this music theory game can be played in as little as ten minutes, or be adjusted to fit the lesson time available.

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  • Primer Level presents steps, skips, and repeated notes.
  • This game set includes four game boards, cards, rockets, and instructions.

Players identify and collect interval cards to pilot their rockets through the solar system. There are no clef signs on the cards to encourage students to focus only on patterns.  Speed is never a strategy for winning, allowing slower and faster students to compete equally or teachers to compete equally with students.

Use valuable lesson time playing this music theory game instead of learning instructions.

Your students will become more proficient at recognizing these patterns after playing this interval game just once.

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1 review for Space Place Primer

  1. Davis Dorrough

    Until I found this game, I didn’t have one to drill intervals, especially the steps and skips with young students. It’s awesome! My students really like the spaceship game pieces and enjoy competing to see who can get to space place first. It’s a clever theme and helps reinforce learning of the planets at the same time. Great game!

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