Interval Game: Space Place Primer


Improve interval recognition with this music interval game. Perfect for individual or group lessons with up to four players, play this music theory game in as little as ten minutes, or modify it to fit the lesson time available.

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  • Primer Level music theory game presents steps, skips, and repeated notes.
  • This game set includes four game boards, playing cards, rockets, and instructions.

Players identify and collect multiple interval cards to pilot their rockets through the solar system. There are no clef signs on the cards encouraging students to focus only on distance.  Speed is never a strategy for winning, allowing slower and faster students to compete equally.

Teachers will appreciate how quick and easy the game is to learn. Use valuable lesson time playing this music theory game instead of learning instructions.

Your students will become more proficient at interval recognition after playing this interval game just once!


“This is the MOST REQUESTED game in my studio at the moment. With over 25 games at my disposal, that is really saying something! This game has helped tremendously with note reading and the relationships between notes. They will refer to them by the terms on the game board (skips on lines, repeat in spaces, etc.) I am so excited to use the next level with my advancing students. I even played it with older kids–they love the brightly colored game cards with the bonus facts. I am so excited to use the higher levels.”  Linda

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