Don’t Fret: Music Terms and Symbols (Classroom Edition)


Introduce, review and reinforce music terms and symbols resulting in a better understanding and awareness of them in their music. Be the first to cover all of your guitar picks by covering all the music symbols on your game board and win the game!



30 Printed game boards for both Level 1 and Level 2


4 Sets of Calling Cards in PowerPoint/Google Slides (Download)

  • Level 1 Calling Cards with Symbols
  • Level 1 Calling Cards with Definitions Only
  • Level 2 Calling Cards with Symbols
  • Level 2 Calling Cards with Definitions Only


Don’t Fret Level 1: Accent, Treble Clef, Bass Clef, Cresc., Dim., Dynamics, Forte, Piano, mf, mp, Eighth Note, Eighth Rest, Quarter Rest, Half Rest, Whole Rest, Fermata, Flat, Sharp, Natural Repeat Sign, Slur, Tie, Staccato, Staff, Time Signature

Don’t Fret Level 2: Cut Time, Common Time, Eighth Time, Rit,, A tempo, Tempo, Allegro, Andante, Moderato, Chord, Coda, D.C. and D.S., Fine, Eighth Note Triplet, First and Second Endings, Interval, Key Signature, Legato, MM Marking, Molto, Octave Sign Poco, Scale Sixteenth Note, Sixteenth Rest, Subdivide, Tenuto

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