Music Camp Summer Splash 3 – Bass Clef Notes

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Engage music students in bass clef Identification activities and games with this exciting, outdoor music camp written by Paula Manwaring and Tiffany Horrocks. Plan for laughter and fun in Camp 3 as students make a splash with Ping Pong Note Race, Water Balloon Note Splash, Musical Obstacle Course, Steal the Beach Ball, Note Memory Games, and more!


This two-day (two hours each day) outdoor music camp by Paula Manwaring and Tiffany Horrocks is packed with treble clef note identification activities for any instrument. Outside of items you may have around the house, all camp materials are included in this PDF download; just add water!

This camp can be used on its own, combine with additional Summer Splash camps for a longer camp, or can be a great resource for additional activities to add to any program or camp.

Make a splash by including this music camp with the following activities.

Bass Clef Song
Ping Pong Note Race
Note Memory Game
Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven Craft: Practice Rocks
Sticker Note Tag
Obstacle Course
Dice Notes
Steal the Beach Ball
Pin that Note
End of Camp Review

For additional note identification games, we recommend adding Note Wordy!

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