Music Theory APP MAP Carol Matz Piano 2A


Designed by experienced piano teachers, Michelle Galindo & Michelle Sisler, who use a technology lab each week as part of our student’s lessons, Music Theory App Map gives technology activities and assignments directly correlated to your lessons so you can use apps and websites both effectively and efficiently.  All the work is done for you!


Use technology to motivate students and enhance music theory instruction.  Music Theory APP MAP (™) gives students the exact assignment using apps and websites to correlate with Carol Matz’s Interactive Piano Method Level 2A.  This curriculum makes teaching theory with technology effective and efficient.

With this studio license, teachers can print a copy of this curriculum for each student to assign and track progress and scores.  Easily access an assignment by using the QR codes.  Simply scan the code with your device to automatically set up the student’s customized lesson. A target score (90%) is provided for each game.

Teachers will appreciate how quick and easy this music theory curriculum is to use with minimal prep time. In addition, Music Theory APP MAP™ curriculum tells teachers how to set up customized lessons as presets in the apps. Use your time teaching instead of researching apps and planning assignments.

Apps and website subscriptions must be purchased separately.

Updated July, 2021

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