Theory Strips Level 3


Theory Strips are short, daily drills designed to reinforce music theory concepts over and over to make sure the student understands and can apply them.  Each strip is only about 3 inches wide, making each exercise seem easier for students, and can be completed in minutes!  See below for details of level 3.

Created by Bonnie Slaughter, NCTM
8.5 x 3.5, 180 pages, Spiral Bound


Ships directly from publisher.

Concepts in Level 3


Draw order of Sharps & Flats

Note Names

Name the notes above & below the staff – ledger line


Draw intervals 1-8


Know the WS/HS pattern on Major scale. Draw the 8 note scales on the keyboard.


Identify Major & minor triads on staff. Draw inversions on keyboard.

Chord Progression

Identify I IV V7 in the score


2/4, 3/4 Identify eighth notes, quarter note, quarter rest, half note, half rest, whole note, whole rest, dotted quarter notes

Symbols & Terms

Accent, accidental, allegro, andante, DC al fine, Da Capo, Diminuendo, Dolce, Harmony, Melody, ff, f, mf, mp, p, pp


cresc/dim, moderato, form AA AB, rests/notes

Music History

4 musical periods, organ, harpsichord, clavichord, Ionian=Major, Aeolian=minor, WSHS patterns

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 4 × 1 in

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