Theory Strips Level 4


Theory Strips are short, daily drills designed to reinforce music theory concepts over and over to make sure the student understands and can apply them.  Each strip is only about 3 inches wide, making each exercise seem easier for students, and can be completed in minutes!  See below for details of level 4.

Created by Bonnie Slaughter, NCTM
8.5 x 3.5, 180 pages, Spiral Bound

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Concepts in Level 4


Name Key Signatures – all
Name Relative minor -includes formula
Draw Key Signatures
Draw order of sharps & flats on staff – includes formula

Note Names

Identify middle & upper ledger notes


Draw Harmonic or Melodic on staff
Identify number, Harmonic or Melodic, Prime to Octave


Draw Major scale w/accidentals
Identify and name natural, harmonic & melodic
Ionian and Aeolian modes
Review Major scale patterns
Add accidentals to make Major, natural & harmonic minor scales


Identify triads on staff
Draw triads on a staff
Add accidentals to make Major Minor Diminished Augmented

Chord Progression

Identify i iv V7 chords in minor keys
Write Roman Numerals
Name root of chord
Add bar lines
Write in counting

Symbols, Terms & History – all also covered in analysis

DS al coda, Tenuto, Coda, Lento, Sempre, Vivace, Loco, Dolce, Accelerando, Rallentando, C (common time), Harmony, Melody, Accent, Accidentals

Musical Texture

Monophonic, Homophonic, Polyphonic,




Repetition & Sequence
Contrary vs Parallel
Tempos – Lento, Vivace
Rallentando, Articulation, Key Signatures ,Major & minor, Common time, Fermata, 16th Note Value, Dolce, Accelerando, Tenuto, Quality of Chords, Homophonic (1), Sempre Staccato, DS al fine, Segno, Fine, Write in counting, Time Signature, Note Value, Treble & Bass Clef, DS al coda, Coda

Symbols, Terms

Melodic patterns
Repetition Sequence


All music history periods,  names and dates

Major & minor scales

3 types – natural, harmonic, melodic
4 Voice Parts – SATB

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