Theory Strips Level 6


Theory Strips are short, daily drills designed to reinforce music theory concepts over and over to make sure the student understands and can apply them.  Each strip is only about 3 inches wide, making each exercise seem easier for students, and can be completed in minutes!  See below for details of level 6.

Created by Bonnie Slaughter, NCTM
8.5 x 3.5, 180 pages, Spiral Bound

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Concepts in Level 6

Grand Staff

Draw Key Signatures
Name Relative minor -includes formula
Draw Circle of 5ths Major & relative minor

Note Names

Spell triads, M, m, d, AMajor, Minor, Diminished, Augmented
Name relative minor


Identify the quality of major and perfect intervals 2-8.
Melodic and harmonic. Includes formulas.


Draw triads in scales
Name the scale degrees
Identify and label with Roman Numerals


Draw dd7th chords
Draw inversions of dd7th chords
Name the dd7th chords
Name and Quality of chords (M m d A)

Chord Progression

Draw Primary Chord Progression
Use single note in root
Invert Primary Chord Progression
Label with Roman Numerals
Name the key


Add bar lines
Common time and Cut time
Identify conducting patterns
Draw conducting patterns
Add the missing rests and notes

Symbols, Terms & History – all also covered in analysis

Alla breve, anacrusis, animato, contrary, marcato, meno, rallentando, senza, sforzando, simile, double flat, double sharp, Non Troppo, Accent, Tenuto, Tempos Draw Symbols


Anacrusis, Name key, Terms, Symbols, DS al fine, Time Signatures, Articulation, Tempos, Note Values,

Symbols, Terms,History

Modes, pedals, Baroque dances,
All music history period names, dates, composers
ABA form
Greek Modes

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