Theory Strips Level 8


Theory Strips are short, daily drills designed to reinforce music theory concepts over and over to make sure the student understands and can apply them.  Each strip is only about 3 inches wide, making each exercise seem easier for students, and can be completed in minutes!  See below for details of level 8.

Created by Bonnie Slaughter, NCTM
8.5 x 3.5, 180 pages, Spiral Bound

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Concepts in Level 8

Grand Staff


Circle of 5ths – all major and minor

Write key signatures


Invert and identify the new interval using all major, minor, diminished, augmented or perfect intervals – include formulas


Add accidentals to form the major, natural minor, harmonic & melodic minor scales

Write scales ascending & descending with accidentals

Spell major, whole tone, natural, harmonic and melodic minor

Scale degree names and functions


Write inverted triads from figured bass

Review figured bass for triads

Write triads with inversions – add figured bass

Add accidentals to 7th chords to make quality indicated – MM Mm mm dm dd

Identify and write quality, quality name, letter name and symbol of 7th chords

Review figured bass for 7ths

Identify letter name & figured bass of triads

Write figured bass for chords in open position


Identify authentic, plagal, half & deceptive cadence by name and roman numeral

Write primary chord progression

Write authentic cadences with inversions

Write plagal cadences with inversions –  closed & open position chords with figured bass

Write deceptive cadence with inversions 


Write a rhythm pattern using augmentation and diminution

Identify meter – simple & compound, asymmetrical. 

Write measure of notation with counting

Terms – all also covered in analysis

Semplice, assai, sostenuto, con, spiritoso, senza, allargando, brillante, meno, piu, ma, portato,  sequence, augment, dimished /diminution, sempre, motive/motif, ternary, binary, mixolydian mode formula, scale degree names, modulation


Trill, mordent, turn, fermata, accidentals, segno, double flat, double sharp, coda, mordent,  inverted mordent, tenuto,  dynamic alterations


Theme and variations

Identify repeated bass patterns – ostinato, boogie, walking, cowboy-western,  alberti, tango

Types of repetition

Elements of form

Identify sonato allegro form,  character piece


Pentatonic, whole tone, blues scales

Jazz composers

Music periods, dates & characteristics. – add impressionistic

Tempered Scale, preludes & fugues



Instrumental forms of music

Contemporary composers

Orchestra sections


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