Spooktacular Halloween Music and Activities


In this full-color Halloween book, over 60 pages of creatively designed worksheets, activities, and piano pieces have been thoughtfully crafted to reinforce music concepts. It’s a much-needed solution (and a time saver) for private lessons, group classes, elementary classrooms, and more.


Students will get a thrill, and maybe even a scare, out of the 10 “quick-learn” elementary piano solos. These pieces have been carefully selected to captivate the imaginations of young pianists during the Halloween season. Worksheets and activities span a wide range of music theory concepts, while composition prompts help students invent their own spooky music using Halloween themes. Most importantly, this collection’s multi-level approach ensures that it will remain a relevant and exciting resource for multiple years.

Spooktacular Halloween Music and Activities is not just a book; it’s an experience that transforms music learning into a festive, educational adventure—a must-have for any music teacher looking to add a touch of Halloween magic to lessons!

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