Transparent Removable Tape


6 rolls of 1/2 inch tape – 720 inches per roll (larger than others)

You’ll find dozens of uses for this removable, colorful, can’t-ignore-it tape!  Write on it, see through it, and remove it without a trace.  Use it to mark practice spots, highlight accidentals, rhythmic figures, or fingering, trace recurring themes or patterns, and indicate new sections.
Fluorescent colors:  pink, purple, orange, yellow, green, blue.


Top Ten ‘Tape-Testimonials’:

10)   My students were always asking where they could buy some of this tape, so I gave each one a roll as a Christmas gift last year.  They loved it!

9)    I use this tape to remind students of spots where corrections are needed–the more colorful the page, the more corrections needed for a piece.  When students demonstrate that a tape spot has been fixed, they get to peel off the telltale tape.  One of my creative students asked to keep the tape fragments she got to remove from fixed spots because she wanted to arrange them artistically for a “Practice Tape Collage”!   It was beautiful.

8)   When I started having students analyze their chords by color, they stopped complaining about this task!  We use purple for tonic, green for dominant, and blue for subdominant in the music.

7)   I often find it difficult to follow the baritone line in choir music, so I took a roll of tape to choir practice and highlighted my copies without permanently altering the music.

6) What a wonderful way to indicate recurring motives in music!

5)   For indicating student practice spots, I use a green piece for “start” and a red piece for “stop” .

4)  I used to write practice instructions for my students on their assignment sheets, but when I tried putting this colored tape with instructions directly on the music,  I noticed an immediate improvement in lesson preparations.  They seemed to actually read the instructions!

3)  I have adopted Karen Koch’s musical periods color-coding system to help students relate composers with their historical periods.  We highlight the composer’s name with yellow for Baroque, blue for Classical, pink for Romantic, and green for 20th century.  Each time they see the page, they can’t help but notice the highlighted composer name and make the association with the correct period.  I don’t have to say a word, once they know the code.

2)  This removable highlighter is a real asset for cleaning up judges’ copies of the music at auditions and contests. 

1)  I just love this stuff !!  How did I teach without it?

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

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